Adolescent Counseling

Adolescent Counseling

Adolescent Counseling

Social problems during childhood and adolescence, learning difficulties, and family conflicts are among the main reasons why families apply to a psychotherapist who is specialized in child & adolescent psychology.

The therapist determines the type of psychotherapy to be applied in the first evaluation phase of child & adolescent psychotherapy. When determining the treatment method, the therapist decides by evaluating the factors such as the child's current problems, history, development level, active participation in treatment, and what kind of interventions are required in the psychological problems experienced by the child. Medication and psychotherapy applications can be used together in child and adolescent therapy. It is very important for the child or young person to feel comfortable and safe with the psychotherapist. In such a safe environment, it will be much easier for the child to express their feelings and reach the help they need.

Psychotherapy can provide many benefits for children and adolescents, such as getting the emotional support they need, resolving conflicts with their friends and families, and enabling them to look at the problems they experience from a new perspective. Factors such as age, gender, genetics are also among the factors that affect the psychological tendencies of children and adolescents. Especially; Genetic factors are seen to be prominent in psychological disorders such as anxiety (anxiety) disorder and bipolar disorder.

Child & Adolescent Counseling Areas

Academic Failure, School Success, Introversion and Social Anxieties, Compliance and Behavior Problems, Phobias, Fears and Anxiety, Anger Control Problems and Aggression, Tics, Sexual Problems and Masturbation, Enuresis, Encopresis (Fecal Incontinence), Sibling Jealousy, Lying, Nail Eating - Finger Sucking, Substance Addiction, Stealing Behavior - Kleptomania, Computer Addiction, OCD (Obsession-Compulsive Disease), Course Failure and Exam Anxiety, Depression, Adolescent Depression, Oppositional and Oppositional Disorder, Leaving Home / School, Social Phobia and Anxieties, Eating Disorders, Childhood Depression, Stubbornness, Abuse, Communication Difficulty and / or Self-Expression Difficulties, Adolescence, Searching for Identity, Family Relationships, Friendships, Problems with the Opposite Sex, Report Card Psychology, Mother's Day of Motherless Children, Concept of Death in Children , Separation Anxiety in Children, Age 2 Syndrome, Sleep Disorders in Children, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


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