Language, Speech & Voice Therapy

Language, Speech & Voice Therapy

Language, Speech & Voice Therapy

Language, Speech and Voice Therapy is a wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary field that includes many problem types. It is a field of study that covers language, cognitive communication, speech, voice, resonance and swallowing disorders that affect human communication from newborn to old age. Both congenital, developmental or lateral problems are included.

Language, Speech & Voice Therapy Areas 

Motor Speech Disorders: Dysarthria and Apraxia, Language Delay and Language Disorders in Children, Speech Disorders Related to Cleft Lip and Palate, Speech and Language Problems Related to Hearing Loss, Dyslexia, Voice Disorders, Acquired Language Disorder Aphasia, Speech Disorders as a result of Traumatic Brain Injury, Speech and Language (Language Development), Voice Therapy, Voice Disorders, Phonological Disorders, Speech Disorders Articulation (Pronunciation-Phonology) 


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