About Us


ÇADEM Psychology was founded in 2013 by psychotherapist Özkan Kenarlı and Special Education Specialist Fatih Çabuk, who have served many individuals and institutions in the fields of special education and psychological counseling for nearly 10 years.

ÇADEM Psychology, which adopts science, quality, love and trust as its core values is a pioneering organization that makes a difference. We provide expertise and quality services in the field of personal, familial, educational, psychological issues that individuals, children, adolescents, adults, mothers and fathers encounter in addition to our corporate consultancy services. 


ÇADEM; develops creative scientific programs and practices in education, development, psychology, psychological counseling and special education. These programs and practices are based on humane, preventive, diverse and high quality methods. ÇADEM adopts the principle of improving and developing the field and the sector. Creating holistic benefits for the child, family and society is always and under all conditions, its constant goal.


We lead the way to improve the mental health of the society and offer solutions to mental health professionals, students, patients and clients with the core values of development, efficiency, continuity, leadership, quality and satisfaction.