Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

According to the studies, one out of three people in Turkey is suffering from sexual dysfunctions at some time in their life. Considering sexuality as a taboo, prohibition and condemnation, and also the fact that the sexual education that should be given from an early age is not taught individuals in social environments increase the frequency of experiencing sexual problems. Myths and false beliefs also trigger the sexual problems. Physical and psychological characteristics of the person are also important in the emergence of sexual adjustment problems and disorders. As well as recognizing one's own body, the compatibility, intimacy and communication quality between partners also affect the sexual life of the person.

How is Sex Therapy Conducted?

Your therapist must be a psychiatrist or psychologist trained in sexual therapy. If the problem is not of organic origin, sexual therapy is applied with the appropriate method for the problem. During the therapy, it is investigated whether the problem is related to a physical, psychological, cultural or relational problem. Therapy is applied on the discovered causes. Sexual therapies progress more systematically than other types of therapeutical interventions. As in any other therapy programs, continuity is essential in sexual therapy. 

Sex Therapy Areas

Premature Ejaculation, Delayed Ejaculation in Males, Reduced Sexual Desire (Hypoactive Sexual Desire) Disorder, Disgust Disorder, Sexual Arousal Disorders, Female Orgasm Disorder, Dyspareunia (Pain in Sexual Intercourse), Vaginismus 


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