Couple, Family & Marriage Counseling

Couple, Family & Marriage Counseling

Couple, Family & Marriage Counseling

ÇADEM Psychology works with individuals over their relationships, as well as providing psychological counseling to couples. Systemic therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on relationships rather than individual therapy. It is a type of psychotherapy in which the concept of “me” is tried to be transformed to “us”. Also in systemic therapy, it is studied conflicts and problematic behaviors in relationships.

Who can apply for Couple and Family Counselling? 

The life that two different people share by getting married can be both beautiful and stressful. Emotional congestion, incompatibility and problems experienced by couples and marriages may create huge disappointment and dissatisfaction afterwards. All couples who are unable to cope with these problems may need professional help to question their relationships or stop the negative course. 

Couple, Family and Marriage Counselling Areas 

Communication Problems, Cultural Differences in Relationships, Cultural Differences in Marriage, Jealousy, Cheating Problems, Divorce Process, Extensive Family Problems, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Domestic Violence, Harmony of Spouses 


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